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Alaska Beauty

We traveled to King Salmon, Katmai National Park, the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Lake Clark National Park and Juneau.   The beauty of Alaska is everywhere and it is one of our favorite places to go photograph!  Enjoy!

Margo Creek and Moraine Creek - ~75 via a float plane from King Salmon

Once the float plane drops you off, you are 75+ miles from anything - out in the Alaska Tundra with nothing but emergency beacons!

We fished all day (via catch and release) for mostly rainbow trout, dolly verden, char and graylings.  The sockeye salmon were moving into the creeks where in some places, it was "sockeye soup" as this was the largest sockeye season ever recorded in Alaska!

Katmai National Park - Brooks Falls

Bears, Bears and more Bears -- the mighty grizzlies on Alaska!

Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

We flew a small float plane from King Salmon, Alaska to the scenic Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes which was one of the most scenic flights we have ever taken. The Valley was created by the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century and every turn we made was stunning. We even saw the steaming cauldron at the top of one of the volcanos - check out the video…

Lake Clark National Park - Dick Proenneke's Cabin 

We took a float plane from Anchorage to Twin Lakes in Lake Clark National Park. Paula and I both read the book "One Man's Wilderness" where Dick Proenneke built a cabin (no power tools) in 1967 in a super remote location in Alaska and lived and survived there. It was so fun to see the cabin which has since been gifted to the National Park and the fly to and from was breathtaking.